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Rock Fall’s Luscious Lip Colors With Fuller Lips

Do you love the deep, rich colors of fall lipstick? Want to make your lips look even more irresistible? Schedule a Volbella or Belotero lip filler treatment at EnLighten Skin and Body Medspa this month. We’re offering your choice of these lip filler treatments for just $399 through the end of October! With results lasting up to a year, you’ll be able to rock all of your favorite lip colors!


Volbella is a dermal filler made especially for lips. It’s part of the Juvederm brand of fillers so you know it’s effective! Like Juvederm, Volbella is a hyaluronic acid dermal filler, but it’s thinner and more supple than other fillers making it perfect for the delicate skin of the lips. When applied to the lips, it adds volume resulting in a plumper shape. Built-in lidocaine minimizes discomfort at the injection site. Volbella can also be used on the skin around the lips to smooth vertical lines and improve lip line definition.


Belotero is made by the same company that produces Cellfina and Radiesse. This is another top-notch dermal filler but it has a slight edge over Volbella in filling in finer lines and wrinkles thanks to its lower density. This is also a hyaluronic acid filler available with and without lidocaine, but it can be used right under the skin to target those very, very fine lines that are just starting.

Make Time For Fuller, Softer Lips

Both Volbella and Belotero are outstanding lip fillers, giving lips subtle, natural-looking plumpness. Which one is right for you? Schedule an appointment with EnLighten Skin and Body Medspa to find out! Our technicians will evaluate your needs and recommend whichever product will produce the best results. Since they are both on special for the same price, you have nothing to lose!

Make an appointment today by contacting EnLighten Skin & Body Medspa at 407-857-5476 or online and start rocking fall luscious lip colors!

Buy One Get One Liposuction At Enlighten Skin & Body

A Scary Good Deal On Lipo This October

One of our spa specials this month is a “buy one, get one” deal on liposuction. Through the end of the month any $1,399 valued lipo service is available as a buy one, get one free deal! That means you can get two areas treated with liposuction for just $1,399!

Lipo Deals Just in Time For the Holidays

October is a terrific time to consider liposuction if you are eager to look your best this holiday season. This fat-removal procedure can improve the contours of your body and its overall shape and appearance by targeting those particularly troublesome areas that just won’t respond to diet and exercise.

Like exercise, liposuction takes time before you will look your best. You’ll need to give yourself time to heal, which mostly consists of letting your body adjust to the changes of less fat in an area and waiting for swelling to go down. You’ll also want time to take advantage of EnLighten’s aftercare services which will help promote healing and long-term satisfaction with your results. Our aftercare services are customized based on each client’s needs but may include: Radio Frequency Skin Tightening, Lymphatic Drainage Massage, LED Healing Light or Ultrasound treatments.

Giving yourself 6-8 weeks to have the procedure done, healing to occur and aftercare treatments applied is an ideal timeline and, in October, brings you right into the holiday season! Look and feel your best as we say goodbye to 2019 and hello to 2020!

Our Liposuction Services

We are able to perform liposuction on all of the most fat-prone, weight-loss resistant areas of the body from top to bottom including:

  • Chin
  • Arms
  • Bra Line
  • Abdomen, waist and stomach
  • Love handles
  • Public area
  • Thighs
  • Knees
  • Calves
  • Ankles

Keep in mind that liposuction does not treat cellulite and isn’t considered a weight loss treatment. The happiest patients are those who use the treatment to target very specific (and stubborn) areas of fat. Learn more about the 1,2,3’s of liposuction here.

Plan Your Procedure Today

Give yourself an early gift and book a buy one, get one liposuction procedure today! This deal won’t last beyond October 31st!

Contact EnLighten Skin & Body Medspa at 407-857-5476 or online to schedule.