Affordable Liposuction – Ask About Lipo from $899*

*Some restrictions may apply.

3D Female Body Sculpting

3D Male Body Sculpting

*Actual clients. Results may vary.

*Actual clients. Results may vary.

Step 1. Liposuction:

REMOVE THE FAT!! The process is a surgical procedure that treats specific areas of the body. We treat areas such as the stomach, love handles knees, thighs, ankles, chin, arms, bra line and pubic area.

Step 2. Aftercare Healing Procedures:

SPEED UP RECOVERY & BETTER RESULTS! Recently, studies show that post care procedures can improve the results of the liposuction.  These post care procedures or aftercare procedures range from Radio Frequency Skin Tighten, Lymphatic Drainage Massage, LED Healing Light to Ultrasound treatments. We are the experts in healing and aftercare treatments.

Step 3. Body Sculpting:

SCULPT YOUR SHAPE Similar to a sculptor first he must take away the excess to create the shape and etch and sculpt till he gets the desired masterpiece. Body Contouring or aka LipoSculpting is done in same way. The difference from step 1 is these is when the doctor now like the sculptor can etch away at the areas actually in some cases changing ones naturally born shape.