Say Goodbye To Sparse Eyebrows With Microblading

Say Goodbye To Sparse Eyebrows With Microblading

Whether you give them a second thought or not, eyebrows are a defining feature of our face. They highlight the eyes, provide visual balance to the face, and can actually impact how we are perceived by others. Poorly shaped, thin, or faint eyebrows can sap your self-confidence and cause you to spend precious time every day trying to fill them in to get that perfect look.

There’s an easier way.

Microblading is a cosmetic service offered by EnLighten Skin & Body Medspa where pigment is manually tapped into the dermis layer of the skin in the form of individual hair strokes. These strokes fill in, reshape, or darken existing eyebrows. Unlike the traditional eyebrow tattoos, the effects are semi-permanent, lasting several months to one year before needing a touch-up and fading entirely after about 3 years. Microblading is discreet and provides realistic results that will give you the brows you’ve always wanted while still allowing you to change the look of your eyebrows at a later date.

Is Microblading Right For You?

Microblading is an extremely safe process, generally less irritating to the skin than getting a tattoo. Having the procedure done at a licensed medspa like EnLighten Skin & Body reduces the biggest risks – infection or skin irritation – but even so, certain skin conditions or treatments can affect results.

The best candidates for microblading:

  • Do not have chronic skin conditions like eczema, contact dermatitis, psoriasis, or keratosis pilaris or currently damaged skin due to sunburn, rash, acne, etc.
  • Have generally calm, non-reactive skin.
  • Want to fill in sparse, overplucked, or missing eyebrows.
  • Are not diabetic or undergoing chemotherapy.

Your skin and aftercare procedure can also affect results. The effects of the procedure depend on skin type. Oily, large pored or thick skin does not retain pigment as long as thinner, drier skin. That doesn’t mean that oily-skinned candidate can’t have the procedure done. It only means the results may not last as long as you’d expect. The estheticians at EnLighten Skin & Body Medspa will carefully evaluate your skin for suitability and discuss any concerns they may have with you before you decide whether or not to have the procedure done.

Aftercare is simple requiring not much more than staying out of the sun for a few days, not scratching or picking at the eyebrows, and not applying makeup until they are fully healed.

To learn more about our Microblading service, please call 407-857-5476 or make an appointment online to schedule a consultation.