Renuvion Summer Specials At EnLighten Skin & Body Medspa

Fight Sagging Skin With Our Renuvion Summer Specials

Have noticed areas of sagging skin this summer that you never noticed before? It’s a sad fact of life, but with age, comes skin laxity. As we age our skin becomes looser and things just don’t look or feel as “tight” as they used to. This is referred to as skin laxity. Loose and sagging skin is the result of a combination of genetics and environment. It’s a natural part of aging, but it can be accelerated by a poor diet, unhealthy lifestyle, stress, smoking, and sun exposure. The Florida sun is not forgiving to our skin and it definitely shows!

Even if you do follow a healthy diet, exercise, and protect your skin from the sun, your skin can still become loose and sagging as the body’s natural production of collagen and elastin decline with age. Up until now there wasn’t much you could do about this, other than undergo surgical procedures to tighten these loose areas of skin.

Now, we finally have a proven effective non-surgical solution to help fight sagging and loose skin: J-Plasma Renuvion!

Renuvion For Tighter Skin

Renuvion tightens and helps to tone loose skin using a combination of helium gas and radiofrequency (RF) to create a plasma energy stream that contracts and cools the skin at the same time. The FDA-cleared treatment targets tissues just below the surface of the skin. These tissues contract, thus tightening the skin.

Although the end results are dramatic, the procedure itself is simple, gentle, and minimally-invasive. It’s also highly-targeted so our technicians can zero in solely on the patient’s problem spots: the face, neck, abdomen, buttocks, thighs, arms…you name it! Renuvion can be used on just about any area of loose skin!

We are so impressed with the Renuvion system that we are offering several Renuvion summer specials: BBL with J-Plasma Renuvion tightening, Lower Face and Neck Lift with Renuvion, and BOGO Renuvion.

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