Spanish Waistline Vs. Waist Trainer | Waist Lipo-Sculpting

Skip The Waist Trainer. For Long-Lasting Results, Our Spanish Waistline Procedure Is Tops

If you are trying to whittle your waist or achieve a curvier silhouette, you may have tried waist trainers or corsets. Both help women create the illusion of an hourglass shape by forcing the body into the desired shape and retaining that shape for as long as the garment is worn. While there’s no doubt that they are effective at slimming the figure, they do not produce permanent results and may actually harm the body if used too frequently or bound too tightly. An overly tight corset or trainer can compress internal organs and interfere with natural bodily functions, like eating, breathing, and digestion. It’s amusing to watch a movie and see a woman passing out from a too-tight corset, but it’s not a joke. Women did use to pass out from wearing these garments! They might create the look you want, but it’s temporary and it comes at a cost.

A better, more long-term solution is lipo-sculpting, specifically the Spanish Waistline lipo-sculpting service that is offered by EnLighten Skin & Body Medspa.

Contour You Can Live With

Our Spanish Waistline service is a minimally-invasive, semi-permanent lipo-sculpting procedure. During the outpatient procedure, a cosmetic surgeon carefully and skillfully removes select areas of unwanted fat to reveal a slimmer, more contoured waistline. The front, back, and sides of the waist are all targeted to achieve a lovely, proportional silhouette. This is not the straight-up fat removal you may associate with liposuction; it’s a more targeted approach that helps patients achieve the body look they want.

Unlike waist trainers and corsets, which only displace fat, the Spanish Waistline procedure actually removes fat. This makes the results semi-permanent; with proper diet and exercise, you can maintain your new shape without outside “support” for as long as you like! Significant weight gain or loss may change your shape, even after the procedure, but in most cases, you can expect long-lasting curves.

Our Spanish Waistline lipo-sculpting service is contour you can live with!

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