Cellulite Treatment | Cellfina For Cellulite Dimples

Summer Styles Uncovering Hidden Cellulite? Fight Back With Cellfina!

Ugh, cellulite! Is there anything more disheartening than finding the perfect summer outfit only to notice that it puts your cellulite dimples on full display? While cellulite may be a totally natural phenomenon, it’s hardly a welcome one; just look at all of the cellulite-fighting products on the market! Unfortunately, miracle creams and anti-cellulite diets, just don’t work. But the Cellfina cellulite procedure does work and it’s one of our summer specials!

Through August, you can treat 25 dimples with Cellfina for just $1,999!

This non-invasive, extremely effective cellulite treatment smooths cellulite dimples for long-lasting results. Just one treatment can reduce the appearance or eliminate cellulite entirely for years! Studies have shown that Cellfina treated areas remain clear of dimples as many as five years after treatment, making it not only an effective, but long-lasting cellulite treatment.

Cellfina Targets Cellulite Structure

To get rid of cellulite once and for all, you need to take a look at the science of cellulite. Cellulite dimples form when bands of connective tissue under the skin pull down towards the deeper tissues in the body. Fat can accumulate around these bands, pushing up the skin around them to form a dimple on the surface of the skin.

Cellfina works by targeting these tight bands. A small device is inserted under the skin near each dimple. The device loosens and cuts tight bands, releasing the downward pull on the skin. This release allows skin to retract to its’ original position, effectively erasing the cellulite dimple.

The FDA-cleared procedure is so quick and effective that 25 dimples can be targeted in just an hour and it’s here at EnLighten Skin & Body Medspa!

Say Goodbye To Unwanted Dimples With Cellfina and EnLighten Skin & Body Medspa

Dimples when we smile are welcome. Dimples when we sit or stand? Not so welcome. If you are tired of seeing dimpled cellulite on your legs, buttocks, abdomen, or arms, schedule an appointment with EnLighten Skin & Body Medspa to learn more about Cellfina and find out if it can reduce your cellulite.

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