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That Hourglass Figure Can Be Yours With Spanish Waistline Lipo-Sculpting

An hourglass figure is the quintessential female shape. This body shape features shoulders and hips that are roughly the same size, accented by a smaller waist. Some people think you have to be tiny to have an hourglass figure, but that is not true. Anyone can have an hourglass shape as long as the proportions are correct. The hourglass figure is all about curves, not about weight.

Unfortunately, a natural hourglass figure is also relatively rare and gets harder to maintain as we age. Spanx, corsets, and waist trainers can all been used to create an hourglass shape, but they are temporary solutions at best. As soon as you take the garment off, the hourglass disappears.

A more permanent option is EnLighten Skin & Body Medspa’s Spanish Waistline lipo-sculpting service.

Create the Shape You Want

Spanish Waistline lipo-sculpting is similar to liposuction, but where liposuction focuses on removing unwanted fat, lipo-sculpting is a much more targeted and controlled process that allows the cosmetic surgeon to literally sculpt your shape. Fat can be removed from the waistline, but perhaps left in place around the buttocks to help create curves that may not exist naturally. The technique is targeted and controlled enough that the surgeon can even accentuate those sexy “dimples of Venus” in the lower back!

The end result of our Spanish Waistline lipo-sculpting procedure is a natural and sensual appearance featuring a contoured waist.

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Do you dream of obtaining an hourglass figure but have struggled to get there through diet and exercise alone? You may not be naturally inclined to that shape. That means that no matter how much you try, the hourglass will remain elusive! EnLighten Skin & Body Medspa can help you achieve that desirable shape after which you’ll be able to maintain it with your diet and exercise program.

Let us help you achieve the look you want! Contact EnLighten Skin & Body Medspa at 407-857-5476 or make an appointment online to learn more about our Spanish Waistline service or other lipo-sculpting options.