Treat Bra Bulge With Liposuction

Treat Bra Bulge With Liposuction

“Bra bulge”, that area of fat between the armpit and the bra, along the sides, or on the back along the bra line, is an extremely common complaint among women. These fatty deposits can affect the body’s contours and make it difficult, if not impossible, to feel comfortable wearing form-fitting or slim fit tops. Even bras can start to feel uncomfortable if they are cutting into or rubbing against the skin.

The problem with this area of the body is that it is an extraordinarily difficult area from which to lose weight. Part of this difficulty stems from the function of the area. We need the skin and muscles to be mobile so we can reach and stretch our backs and arms. Unfortunately, over time this regular day-to-day movement can cause skin to lose elasticity, which affects the area’s contours. It’s also a common area for fat to build up and is particularly difficult for women to target the area with exercises.

Liposuction is a simple, quick, and effective way to get rid of this unwanted fatty tissue. Liposuction can be performed anywhere around the bra line – under the cups in front, under the armpits, along the mid-back, between the armpit and the bra, or even along the shoulder straps.

Remove Fat, Smooth, and Sculpt

Our bra line liposuction services focus on three goals: removing excess fat, smoothing the area, and sculpting the remaining tissues. The end result is a more toned appearance than liposuction alone can provide. This is extremely important since the areas that are treated are often hard to tone through diet and exercise. Lipo plus body sculpting gives you a head start on improving your form.

Targeting these pockets of fat through liposuction is an effective and controlled way to contour the shape of the back and sides, producing extremely pleasing results. Spot reduction through diet and exercise just doesn’t work in this area.

Ideal candidates have just small areas of fat that they would like to have removed. Good skin elasticity is also important since the skin will need to retract and shrink to accommodate your new shape. Once removed, the results are long-lasting as long as your maintain your weight.

The clinicians at EnLighten Skin & Body Medspa are highly trained and will undertake a comprehensive physical exam before recommending a course of action to ensure optimum results.

Discover A Smoother, More Shapely Form With Bra Line Liposuction 

If bra bulge is causing you discomfort or making you self-conscious or unhappy with your appearance, call EnLighten Skin & Body Medspa to discuss your liposuction and body sculpting options. Contact us at 407-857-5476 or make an appointment online to arrange a consultation.